Rules: (Updated January 2018)

1.  Officers.

a.    The Society will be called the Northcliffe Golfing Society (1910) and its President will be The Viscount Rothermere, Chairman of the Daily Mail and General Trust.

b.   The President will chair a nominations committee consisting of the Chairman, The Captain and one other member of the committee. Their nominations for vice-President, Chairman, vice-Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, Captain and vice-Captain will then be put to the committee for ratification. When the President of the Society is unable to attend such a meeting, the Chairman of the Society will chair the meeting. These officers will serve on the organising committee with the Captains of each of the inter-company golf teams. The organising committee will be chaired by the Chairman of the Society. The Committee will have the power to co-opt members.

c.   There will be an annual meeting of the committee to consider the audited accounts and any appointment of officers.  The Captain will serve for a minimum of a year and then there will be an annual appointment. A vice-Captain will be appointed by the committee after nomination by the nominations committee. A quorum will be 4 members of the committee.

 2.   Membership.

a. Employees of DMGT and subsidiary companies who gain their main salary from employment with the companies, including freelance retainers, may apply to the secretary for full membership. The annual membership fee is £30.  Retired members of staff may continue membership if not working elsewhere and having served a minimum of five years with the company. Full members who leave the company and do not work for a rival company may apply for “Associate Membership” by contacting the Secretary. They will pay an increase amount for attending golf days but their annual subscription will stay the same.  Members summarily dismissed from the Company will not be allowed to retain membership. Life membership can be awarded at the discretion of the President in recognition of valuable services rendered to the Society.

b. All players competing in the annual Inter Company Golf tournament must be members of the Society or personal guests of the President.

c. Professional and PGA members employed by DMGT may apply to join the Society and if accepted can play at all golf days but cannot win any of the Society’s amateur trophies or competitions, other than as part of a team at the Inter-Company competition and the Christmas Scramble.  PGA members must play off scratch handicap for two years.

3.    Subscription.  

The Committee will agree the annual membership fee which remains at £30 for 2018..

4.      Handicaps.

a.   All new members will provide a valid handicap certificate from a recognised golf club when joining, otherwise the Society will initially limit handicaps to 20 (men) and 24 (ladies) until their standard of play has been assessed by the handicap committee. Members are responsible for informing the secretary of any changes to their club handicap.

b.   There will be a handicap Committee made up of 3 members of the Society’s committee, the Captain and vice-Captain, that will monitor all handicaps and keep a record available for inspection at all fixtures. It is the duty of all members to play off their correct handicap. The Handicap Committee will deal with all queries but any appeal, made in writing, can be raised with the full organising committee.

c.   Single-figure handicap winners will be cut 1 shot if scoring up to 39 pts and 2 shots if scoring 40pts or more. Single-figure runners-up will not be cut unless breaking the par of the course. Double-figure handicap winners will be cut 2 shots and the runner-up 1 shot. If scoring 40pts or more then the cut will be 3 shots or 2 shots for runners-up. These penalties will remain in force for the next 3 appearances in individual golf Society competitions and carry over to the following year.  Members who do not belong to a recognised Club, will then revert to their last, previously recorded Northcliffe Society handicap. Club members will revert to their own, home club handicap. Order of Merit, Match Play or better-ball competitions including those played in the Inter Company competition will not count towards getting shots back. Handicaps for the Match Play knock-out competition will not include penalties incurred at Society Golf days. Players should play off either their Club handicap or if not a club member, their Society handicap before any such penalty.
d.   Members must at all times play off their lowest handicap at all Society Golf days, be it the Northcliffe Golfing Society or Club. Any member playing off a wrong, higher handicap will be automatically disqualified.
e.   The Handicap Committee may review the general known play of any member at any time and adjust handicaps accordingly. There will be an annual review of playing handicaps by the full Committee at the AGM and members will be notified of any handicap changes up or down.
f.   All competitions will be played under the Society rules, the R&A Rules of Golf, the Rules of Amateur Status and the local rules of the course being played.
g.   Approved golf GPS range finders are allowed to be used at all events.