There was another very tight finish in the annual match between the Northcliffe and the Press Golfing Society, with the final result only being decided by just one match on the last day.It was all square after the first round of the competition, played at North Foreland, the proverbial home of the Northcliffe, with many of the matches being decided on the very last hole.But the PGS finally managed to stop the recent victories of the Northcliffe on the second day at Royal Cinque Ports, Deal, to win the Lord Northcliffe trophy and the result was only decided by just the one match and again, this was on the 18th hole.

Northcliffe Captain for the weekend, Vyvyan Harmsworth, Chairman of the Society who is also a former president of the Press Golfing Society, congratulated the PGS Captain, Sun journalist Tim Allan for leading his team to victory, and said it was one of the most eagerly awaited fixtures in the Northcliffe’s diary.

The trophy was presented to Tim by Mike Wall who stood in for Vyvyan. The PGS win means they are still 10-6 behind the Northcliffe with one match halved.