Alongside the Executive Officers, the Committee is enhanced by the enthusiasm and expertise brought by the team Captains in the Inter-Company competition.

Lord Rothermere

Captain: Chairman’s Team As President of the Society and Chairman of the Daily Mail and General Trust, Lord Rothermere has the pick of the top golfers within the company for his team – although many argue that this has less influence than his remarkable leadership as his team strives for yet another win in the Inter-Company competition. His wife, the Viscountess Rothermere, is a brilliant supporter of the Society and regularly attends the annual overseas meetings, adding a wit, charm and very much needed glamour to the proceedings.

Geoff Levy

Captain: Daily Mail  If ever there was a Captain to inspire a team, then Geoff surely fits the role as he tries to improve the wonderful team record over the years of former Captain Guy Zitter. How are the gallant players of the Mail going to react as they have always been under the strictest orders to make sure they bring home what they treasure most, the highly regarded and some say the only really important Trophy to be won……. the “Wooden Spoon”.    Mind you, this “Wooden Spoon” is not quite what it seems as Guy presented a solid silver version to the Inter-Company competition to mark the amazing number of times his team has “won it” in the past..  Geoff with his “kick arse” battle cry will now have the unenviable task of motivating the team in an upwards direction towards the tournament winner’s rostrum.  With his undoubted good looks, youthfulness, golfing ability and pro-active socialising, Geoff’s high handicap and golfing ability not only has the opposition worried from the start of any match, but delights all with his wonderful good humour and optimism.  Some now say that the betting is the team will not be needing that silver polish for some time to come…..but only time will tell.

John Tucker

Captain: DMG-Media  As Captain of the mighty DMG-media winning team that has in the past swept all trophies before it, John will need inspirational leadership and golfing skills to maintain the formidable form in the Inter-Company competition of the team.  As someone who copes with the day to day tensions and demands of work, his analytic mind will help him in checking out the latest performances and form of his players before deciding on final team selection, with his shrewd invitations to  the company’s finest golfers resulting in, hopefully, the continued winning form of the team, especially at the 19th hole!

Roland Agambar

Captain: The Mail on Sunday  Since taking over the role of Captain of the mighty Sunday newspaper team, they are feared by all who get drawn against them. There has been a transformation in the team’s performance on the golf course, so much so that if results continues to improve they could become unbeatable, that is if only Roland’s late night/early morning curfew on trying to out socialise the opposition into defeat was to happen.

Martin Smith

Captain: Metro  They have been the “New kids on the block” for so many years that they are now becoming formidable opponents under Martin’s leadership in the Inter Company competition. A member of Metro’s executive team and playing off what some say is a very impressive handicap, Martin’s boyish good looks perfectly embody the vigour of the Metro team.  Will his trusting that the youthful exuberance of his team will out-weigh the crafty experience and course knowledge of the old hands in the other teams? Only time will tell.

Captain: Ireland    Will Irish eyes be smiling?   They certainly will be if this very social team performs half as well on the course as at the 19th, especially if they are able to lift the Viscount Rothermere Trophy in their next appearance in the tournament.  Having checked out the quality of the opposition  by playing in the a couple of the competitions and making sure that there is a plentiful supply of local  Guinness on tap to bolster the energy levels of players, the team is always in strict training with many late night team bonding sessions to build up much needed stamina to cope with the 19th hole where so many Inter-Company matches are won or lost overnight .